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Win the Morning; Win the Day: Preparing to Lead Every Day!

Leaders lead. This is a true statement about leadership that transcends time, place, and position. Leaders will lead in every situation, whether they know it or not. Through their actions, their words, their facial expressions, and even their body language, they are consciously and unconsciously showing everyone around them how they should follow. But, how can you tell if you’re a leader? And how can you lead well every day?

How the Details Change History – A Lesson From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs once debated for thirty minutes on the shade of grey that Apple would use on their restroom signs in their stores. Some would define this as obsessive, some unnecessary, but the fact is that his genuine passion for the details is what made Jobs into the man that built the Apple brand. Jobs continually pushed the envelope of quality in his work – knowing that the details were not only important, they were everything. Attention to detail is not necessarily fun; it’s hard work. Details often go unnoticed by most; however, when we are devoted to quality in our work, it leaves a legacy that, like Jobs, will influence and inspire the people around us long after we are gone.

Successful Leadership Characteristics

20 Characteristics of a Successful Leader

Leadership is not easy. You are often making tough decisions, weathering criticism, and taking risks. However, leading well is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. When you see someone you are leading succeed, when you see their confidence built as they achieve what they never thought possible and as they become better leaders themselves, you can see how you have influenced their lives. Their success is your success! Leadership is something that we all should strive to grow in. But the question is, how do we?

The Value of Influence

It might be one of the most shocking stories in the biblical account of the Numbers. Moses sends twelve tribal leaders from Israel to spy out the land of Canaan and to bring back a report. Upon their return all twelve leaders agree that the land is very good. But ten of the leaders concluded there was no way Israel would be able to defeat the nations who presently occupied Canaan. The story provides incredible insight regarding the value of faith but also highlights the importance of leadership and influence. Understanding influence is essential for effective leadership.

Creating a Culture that Celebrates the Church

Our view of the church impacts how we lead and love those in the Church. When we see that it is God’s tool to build His Kingdom and we begin to celebrate rather than criticize, God’s House is advanced.

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