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Sizzlin’ Summer 2019

Sizzlin’ Summer at James River Church is one of our favorite times of year! In this 2019 series, we are honored to hear from special guest speakers Dr. Eric Mason, Mark Driscoll, DawnCheré Wilkerson, Earl McClellan, and Louie Giglio. We know God will use this series to encourage you in your faith and draw you closer to Him like never before!

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The Tale of Two Trees

Posted on 08/04/19 by Louie Giglio

In this message, Pastor Louie Giglio from Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA shares a powerful sermon titled, “The Tale of Two Trees.” Join us as we hear life-changing truth about our identity in Christ and the intimate relationship God wants to have with every person as our perfect heavenly father. Our prayer is that this message would equip you to live your life in the new identity Jesus’ gives when you put your faith in Him!

Settling is for Suckers, Not Saints

Posted on 07/28/19 by Earl McClellan

In this message, Pastor Earl McClellan from Shoreline City Church in Dallas, TX shares an uplifting sermon titled, “Settling is for Suckers, Not Saints.” Join us as we study God’s Word and deepen our understanding of the abundant, Spirit-empowered life that God is calling us to when we put our faith in Him! Our prayer is that this message would encourage you to open your life to Jesus and to faithfully step into everything He has planned for your life as He builds His Church and furthers the gospel!

Eye to Eye

Posted on 07/21/19 by DawnCheré Wilkerson

In this message, Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson from VOUS Church in Miami, FL shares an encouraging sermon titled, “Eye to Eye.” Join us as we read Psalms 32:8 and hear life-changing truth about God’s love for us and desire to guide and be close to us. Our prayer is that this message would strengthen your heart and remind you of God’s personal care for your life!

The Flesh vs. The Spirit

Posted on 07/14/19 by Mark Driscoll

In this message, Pastor Mark Driscoll from The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, AZ shares a truth-packed sermon titled, “The Flesh vs. The Spirit.” Join us as we study Galatians 5:16-26 and learn what the Bible teaches about walking in the Spirit and living a transformed life in Christ. Our prayer is that this message would encourage you to give your life to the Lord and equip you to walk closely with Him!

How to Walk by Faith When God Doesn’t Do What’s Ideal

Posted on 07/07/19 by Dr. Eric Mason

In this message, Dr. Eric Mason from Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA shares an empowering sermon titled, “How to Walk by Faith When God Doesn’t Do What’s Ideal.” Join us as we study Haggai 2:1-9 and discuss how we can trust God with our every step, despite walking through challenging circumstances. Our prayer is that this message would deepen your love for God and encourage you to release your hopes and dreams to His care as He transforms you to be more like Him!

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