Life Groups Pastor for James River Church - Tom Matthew
By: Tom Mathew11/18/16

Does Your Schedule Keep You From Opportunity?

According to one survey, almost four in five motorists admit to driving over the speed limit regularly. In fact, if you are between the ages of 18-39, you are over 70% more likely to speed. Another study shows that speeding doesn’t save much time. For instance, if you’re traveling a distance of 15 miles and drive 10 miles over the speed limit, you might arrive only 3-4 minutes faster based on traffic signals. With these numbers, a speeding ticket isn’t’ worth the time saved!

Why do we feel the need for speed, and can rushing from one thing to the next result in missing opportunities? Luke 8 introduces us to a busy time in Jesus’ ministry. He had taught parables to multitudes, calmed a raging storm, healed a demoniac, and to cap it all off, we see Jesus faced with a decision to heal a dying girl or minister to a woman who desperately needed Him.

 “Then a man named Jairus, a leader of the local synagogue, came and fell at Jesus’ feet, pleading with him to come home with him.  His only daughter, who was about twelve years old, was dying.” (Luke 8:41-42 ESV)

Jarius was desperate. He needed Jesus’ help, and he needed it fast. Surely Jesus would come quickly and heal his daughter. What could be more important than that?

Jesus’ mission must be your mission.

While headed to Jarius’ house, Jesus hits the brakes, turns around, and asks a seemingly silly question – “Who touched me”? A woman who had been sick for twelve years was desperate for healing and knew that touching Jesus would completely heal her, and it did!

But the task at hand, the pressing, urgent matter was to heal Jairus’ sick daughter.  What was Jesus doing stopping for this lady? Jesus modeled what he knew of God’s heart, which was that people always outweigh the task.

It is the heart of God that people always outweigh the task.

Our aim should be to make much of Jesus and continue His work here on earth, which Luke 19:10 says was to seek and save the lost. Meaning your career, your neighbors and your friends who don’t know Christ are all opportunities. You are an extension of God’s love and grace in those environments. When you embrace this truth, your personal mission will take a back seat to Jesus’ mission, and you will be used by God to meet the needs of people He brings across your path.

Create margin in your life for God moments.

Jesus knew he would heal Jarius’ daughter, but that didn’t result in him neglecting opportunity along the way. His business did not overshadow His mission. And instead of performing one healing miracle, he performed two!

There’s no question that life is busy and there are a million things we could be doing at any given time – appointments, tasks, kids, family, etc. If sleep weren’t essential to our being, there are plenty of other things to occupy our attention.

God did not intend for us to say “yes” to so many things that it causes us to say “no” to Him.

But as followers of Christ, it is critical that amidst the busyness of life we take the time to slow down because God wants to do miracles through us!

If you are always running from one appointment to the next with only seconds to spare between each, it’s safe to say your life could use some margin. God did not intend for us to say “yes” to so many things that it causes us to say “no” to Him.

When your life lacks margin, then it will also lack divine moments. However, if you are intentional about leaving room in your schedule for “God moments,” then you’ll make the most of every opportunity, and God will be glorified. So the next time you think about speeding to the next thing, slow down, look around and ask God for a divine opportunity!