Reaching People Across the World

At James River Church, our #1 core value is to reach the lost. Planting new churches and investing in missions is an amazing way to reach people and help them meet Jesus! In 2024, we are partnering with the Church Multiplication Network and Association of Related Churches to plant 20 new churches across the United States. We will also support church plants and projects in key areas of the world where there is a desperate need for the Good News of Jesus. We can’t wait to hear all the amazing stories of God’s faithfulness through these church plants this year!

20 United States Church Plants

In 2024, James River Church is partnering with the Church Multiplication Network and Association of Related Churches to plant 20 new churches across the United States. We can’t wait to hear all of the amazing stories of God’s faithfulness through these church plants this year!

Global Projects

This year, our global mission projects are focused on key church plants across Vietnam and Kenya. We will be adopting several major projects which includes drilling 5 new water wells, strategically located next to the new church plants in Kenya. Your giving impacts the globe for Christ!

US Church Plants

River of Life Church

Belgrade, MN
Mitchell & Kimberly Wall

Undefeated Church

Bedford, TX
Trammel & Tangie Orr

Palms Church

Oakland, MD
Brandon & Casey Shank

Neighbor's Church

Kansas City, MO
Justin & Sam Roberts


Brooklyn Center, MN
Chuchi & Sheng Xiong

Generations Cowboy Church

Hallsville, MO
Jason & Kendra Mauck

Life Connections Assembly

El Paso, AR
Steve & Melanie Miller

Valley Church

Tempe, AZ
Blare & Elise Wood

Emmaus Church

Des Moines, IA
Brandon & Hannah Horst

Valley Church

Phoenix, AZ
Chris & Connor Moore

Promise City Church

Salisbury, NC
Derrick & Roshonda Hawkins

Momentum Church

Momentum Church
Sugar Land, TX
Daniel & Ashley Gregory

Blueprint Church

Blueprint Church
Houston, TX
Matthew & Falyn Davis

Story Hill Church

Story Hill Church
Mukwonago, WI
Josh & Emily Koskinen

One City Church

One City Church
Nashville, TN
Hollis & Elise Thomas

DEVO Church

DEVO Church
Denver, CO
Nate & Michaela Gay

Lifepoint Phoenix

Lifepoint Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ
TJ & Courtney Williams

Moments Church

Moments Church
Fort Worth, TX
Nathanael & Heather Sauce

Awaken Atlanta

Awaken Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
Jonathan Sanders and Val Poe

Echo Church

Echo Church
Anchorage, AK
Jacquez & Inett Britz

Global Church Plants and Projects



a. A large percentage of children in the province of Altai grow up in extremely impoverished conditions or are living with parents/relatives who abuse or neglect them.
b. JRC supported missionaries plan to open a community center, Sunrise Center Altai, to meet the needs of these children.
c. They have been renting an office space for the past 11 months where they host English classes and have opened the doors for kids in the community to have a safe place to study or play games.
d. Once funds are raised, they plan to either build or purchase an existing building where they can offer:
- Various skills training classes
- Counseling
- Parenting classes
- A safe place for children to study

e. They envision the center having several classrooms, a library, small coffee/snack shop, and a large outdoor play area (which currently does not exist in Govi Altai).
f. The center will be a tool through which their team and the local churches can work to see many lives transformed by the love of Jesus.



a. New Life Assembly, a church that has been led by a missionary couple for 6 years, has been meeting under a big white tent and they’ve outgrown the space.
b. In 2022, JRC partnered to pay off a 1.1 acre property for their future building site.
c. Construction on the church building will start in spring of 2023 in partnership with Builders International.
d. The building will allow them to expand ministry outreach, especially among the youth of Antigua, where they have been experiencing revival.

Egypt (Church Plant)

Egypt (church plant)

a. The AGWM team, All Souls Egypt, has planted a multicultural church in Cairo. Their current facility only has a capacity for 50 people and they have maxed out the space.
b. Their rental agreement is soon coming to an end and they have an opportunity to partner with the Egyptian Assemblies of God (EAG) to work towards purchasing a building and eventually becoming an official, government-recognized church.
c. The next step is to move the growing church plant to a larger space that will allow them to expand ministry efforts. The plan is to rent-to-own a building in New Cairo that can fit 200-300 people. The facility will house their children’s ministry, youth ministry, university ministry, office operations, language classrooms, and other ministry endeavors.
d. Their vision is for this new church to grow into a vibrant center in New Cairo that has its own facility and catalyzes church planting movements among unreached people groups.

Egypt (Business as Mission)

Egypt (Business as Mission)

a. Building on the success of the Airbnb project in Morocco, the Live Dead team is going to develop a property management business in Egypt.
b. The business will enable the team of 9 units to obtain long-term residency visas and lawful identity.
c. The business has great potential to thrust team members into relationships in the community and provide a sustainable growth opportunity for the church network.

Central Eurasia (Business as Mission)

Central Eurasia (Business as Mission)

a. The ability of our missionary team serving in a closed country in the Middle East to engage with locals is limited.
b. They have been seeking the Lord for a way to engage the people of this country and build relationships that will lead to disciples being made and the church planted.
c. The team is launching a Business as Mission (BAM) that will allow them to reach people through serving families with special needs, providing marriage counseling, parenting classes, conflict resolution counseling, business coaching, and financial classes.
d. This not-for-profit organization will give the team a way to engage, pray, and build relationships that meet family needs. It will also allow the team to disciple the unreached in relationship with Jesus.

Central Eurasia (Fitness Business as Mission)

Central Eurasia (Fitness Business as Mission)

a. JRC is partnering with our missionaries in Central Eurasia to start a fitness business with great potential to advance the Kingdom in the Muslim World through relational discipleship and community engagement.
b. Plan to open a bike and coffee shop in 2023. This will allow them to obtain a visa, as well as connect with their community. The business will have bike clubs and tour groups for all types of riders. The clubs will create perfect opportunities to connect with people and share the Gospel.
c. The purpose of the business is to:
- reach the community for Christ
- to employ believers that might otherwise find employment impossible
- to have a safe place to meet with people who are interested in hearing the Gospel
- give the missionaries a platform to obtain a visa



a. Veteran missionaries are planting Life Christian Fellowship in the country of Liechtenstein.
b. There is currently only one small Evangelical church (30 members) in the country.
c. The country is strongly Catholic. Evangelical churches are seen as a dangerous cult.
d. The church is looking for a place to rent at a reasonable price. Currently, the church can only meet when space is available in the conference center.
e. James River Church would like to provide funds to cover the rent for 2 years for Life Christian Fellowship.



a. One couple has a call to plant a church in Spain, where there are less than 1% of professing Christians.
b. They arrived in Valencia in 2019 and even in the midst of the pandemic, they were able to make connections in their community to begin their church.
c. They met a graffiti artist whom they discipled. He gave his heart to the Lord, was water baptized, and began a Bible study in a park with several of his friends. The Thomases eventually had groups meeting in different parts of the city.
d. When they return to Valencia this year, they plan to move into rented facilities.
e. Their vision is to be a place of healing for the nations. God put it on their hearts from the beginning that they would reach many nationalities. They already have dozens of nations represented in their church.
f. “Healing is a big emphasis for us… spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing. We have found that secular people, although often resistant to anything “religious” at first, are in need of healing and respond to this message. Through prayer, preaching and teaching on subjects of healing, we want to see hurting people made whole through Christ, who can then bring healing to others.”
g. James River Church would like to provide funds for Naciones Church to lease and retro-fit a meeting space.

Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH)

Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH)

a. Sharing the Gospel with anyone under 18 is illegal in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Valley of Blessings Youth Camp opens the door to reach young people and is expanding to double its capacity.
b. The Valley of Blessing Youth Camp is reaching young people with the Gospel in
a country where there are only approximately 500 Protestant believers. This project will double the capacity of the camp and will give even more youth the opportunity to hear the gospel. Many young believers will encounter God and be called into ministry as future leaders of this first-generation church.
c. The funds from James River Church will amount will complete the renovation of the building. This means that instead of just 35 indoor beds and 4 showers/6 toilets, they will be able to sleep an additional 80 people indoors. It will provide some indoor meeting and eating space, a kitchen and coffee shop and office space.

Indonesia (Ministry Center)

Indonesia (Ministry Center)

a. A missionary couple in Indonesia planted International Church Bogor on November 3, 2019. The church is now thriving with 150 people attending weekly.
b. They want to see a multiplying church that is mentoring and investing in new church plants across West Java, Indonesia. Their goal is to plant 5 churches in 5 years.
c. They desire to have a permanent, physical presence in their city through building the International Church Bogor Ministry Center. The center will help them to equip future leaders, missionaries, and mobilize more people to the mission.
d. It has been a challenge to find a suitable venue in their city and they have moved 3 times in the past 3 years. Very few venues will allow a church to meet because the city follows a radical form of Islam.
e. They have been offered a 4,000 sq. ft. space in the center of the city.
f. The vision for the venue is to have a business as mission that can utilize the space Monday-Saturday as a music school. This will allow them to engage the community. On Sundays, the space will be used for worship gatherings. They will also be able to host other ministry activities from the ministry center (prayer meetings, English classes, small groups).

Indonesia (Orphanage)

Indonesia (Orphanage)

a. A local pastor in Wamena, Indonesia currently houses 20 children in his church. Their desire is establish a permanent orphanage and school for children who have been abandoned by their parents or have lost parents to HIV.
b. It’s estimated that over 14,000 of these children have been relocated to Islamic dorms on other islands.
c. The goal is to house 75-100 orphaned and at-risk children in a Christian facility.
d. The local church is raising most of the funds, and our missionaries, through the generosity of James River Church, have agreed to help the church with 10% of the project funds.

For more information contact the Missions Office at 417-581-5433