Reaching People Across the World

At James River Church, our #1 core value is to reach the lost. Planting new churches and investing in missions is an amazing way to reach people and help them meet Jesus! In 2022, we are partnering with the Church Multiplication Network and Association of Related Churches to plant 20 new churches across the United States and 32 New Churches Overseas. We can’t wait to hear all the amazing stories of God’s faithfulness through these church plants this year!

20 United States Church Plants

In 2022, James River Church is partnering with the Church Multiplication Network and Association of Related Churches to plant 20 new churches across the United States. We can’t wait to hear all of the amazing stories of God’s faithfulness through these church plants this year!

32 Overseas Church Plants

In 2022, we will be planting 32 new churches overseas! Twenty of these overseas church plants will be strategically located throughout the closed country of Morocco. We will also be launching churches in key areas of the world where there is a desperate need for the Gospel – France, Uruguay, Slovakia, Thailand, South Africa, Antigua, Mexico, and Southern Asia! We are so excited about our 2022 Missions Projects – as we believe Good is going to use us to bless nations in need!

US Church Plants

Palm City Church

Tampa, FL
Brian & Kristen Bagwell

Rhythm Church

Pensacola, FL
Vernell & Aisha Adams

Awaken Church

Cartersville, GA
Tyler & Kayla Harris

Gospel Church Co

Dunkirk, NY
Billy & Randie Heather

The Father's House Elk Grove

Elk Grove, CA
Alfredo & Norma Rosado

The Becoming Church

Huntsville, AL
Michael & Katie Hamilton

Illuminate Church

Inglewood, CA
Jason & Stacie Shepherd

Keys Church

Kissimmee, FL
Scott & Kirstyn Lawrence

Restoration Church

Frisco, TX
Creg & Shannon Darby

LIIV Church

Atlanta, GA
Mayo & Kai Sowell

The Community Church

New Iberia, LA
Jacob & Grace LeBlanc

Purpose Church

Shreveport, LA
Dusty & Chantal Small

Thrive Church

Pelican Rapids, MN
Justin & Allison Fure

NewHope Church

San Antonio, TX
Ralph Almaguer

Legacy Church

Anchorage, AK
Travis & Jen Skavhaug

The Ville

Shelbyville, IN
Max & Keisha Southern

Reach Church

San Antonio, TX
Cody & Michelle Laymon

Limitless Church

Springfield, MO
Stone & Madison Moss

Grow Church

Ankeny, IA
Arjay & Kayla Johnson

Axess Church

Glen Ellyn, IL
Garrett & Keilah Black

Overseas Church Plants



a. The need for meeting space for the church in Morocco is great, as the number of house churches shrank from 54 to 18 throughout the pandemic.
b. Business as Missions (BAM) model. Business will be Airbnb in which 20 apartments will be purchased across 20 major cities. These Airbnbs become the “church” meeting space for the Assemblies of God of Morocco congregations.
c. Weekdays, the Airbnb is rented out publicly to provide income and operating costs. Weekends the spaces will be used for the church, which will pay a modest rental fee.


George & Debby Flattery are called to plant 2 churches per year for the next 4 years

The Flattery's use a 4-fold church-planting model
i. They provide funds to help a church plant function
ii. They are on site once or twice a month in preaching/teaching at the church plant
iii. They provide coaching and mentoring for the leaders of the church plant
iv. They place the church plant in a sister relationship with a U.S. church

JRC will fund the following church plants in 2022:
i. Antony- church planters Benjamin & Columbe Lamotte-Augris

ii. Saint-Malo- church planters Bastien & Johanna Saint-Ellier

More information about the Flattery’s ministry can be found here


Uruguay- Hope for Uruguay 100 Project (Steve & Jill McCarthy)

a. Uruguay is known as one of the most unevangelized nations in the Americas. This project will bring hope to communities across the secular nation of Uruguay by providing permanent buildings for established, growing congregations.
b. Hope for Uruguay 100 is an initiative to build 100 churches in 10 years in Uruguay
c. The McCarthy’s have set a goal with the national church to build 6 new churches this year.
d. Video here
e. More information about the McCarthy’s ministry can be found here


Slovakia (John & Daralena Bean, Ryan & Hope Summers)

John & Daralena Bean

Ryan & Hope Summers

a. Jarovnice is home to largest Roma village in the country with an estimated population of over 7,000 living in space of ½ sq. mile (Roma are traditionally nomadic peoples with no country of their own)
b. Per missionary John Bean, as of Jan. 2021 there were around 200 converts with revival fires spreading
c. This newly established community of Roma believers in the village of Jarovnice is led by Roma Pastor Marek Olah. After being led to Christ through the Word of God by a divine encounter with believers in Switzerland, Marek has dedicated his life to sharing God’s Word in his Roma language. He is now a part of a team that has translated the New Testament and is currently completing the Old Testament. For the first time in Roma history, they will be able to hear the complete Word of God in their heart language!
d. Video here
e. More information about the Bean’s ministry here
f. More information about the Summers’ ministry here

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa (Greg & Sarah Owens)

Greg & Sarah Owens

a. Last term, the Owens’ helped plant a church in Durban, South Africa with Urban Tribes.
b. Urban Tribes is a top three priority within AGWM Africa with the goal of strategically planting influential churches in every major city in the continent of Africa. Because Africa is the fastest urbanizing region in the world, Urban Tribes was birthed out of an urgent need to have healthy, life-giving churches planted in the cities to reach this massive population shift.
c. Their church launch in Durban went so well that within the first two years they were already running 220 people per week, had 70 water baptisms and 150 first time salvations
d. AGWM leadership has asked their family to now help plant another church but this time in Cape Town, South Africa.
e. planting People’s Church Cape Town- a high-impact, life-giving and racially-reconciling church. They will run a Bible school along with the church launch and their church will be a hub to send out leaders and pastors throughout Southern Africa to plant new churches.
f. Video here


Antigua (Billy & Havilah Roman)

Billy & Havilah Roman

a. The Romans have served for 5 years in Antigua.
b. Their ministry is to help plant churches in a region of over 20 islands in the West Indies where there are no AG churches. They are called to reach large populations of unreached and Spanish-speaking immigrants with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
c. Their church, New Life Assembly, has been meeting under a big, white tent in a space that is too small.
d. They’ve experienced great revival, especially among youth, and feel led to build a permanent building on at least 1-acre of land.
e. Working to purchase a 1.1-acre property that will be the site of their permanent structure. This will be the very first AG church and Youth Center in Antigua.
f. More information about the Romans’ ministry can be found here and here

Aguascalientes, Mexico

Aguascalientes, Mexico (Shawn & Caroline Sislo)

Shawn & Carolina Sislo

a. Shawn and Carolina are serving in an area known as The Last Frontier of Mexico. This geographical area is known as the least evangelized in Latin America.
b. With God’s help and in partnership with the Mexican Assemblies of God, Shawn and Carolina’s focus is to mobilize the church to form a movement of disciple-makers that results in new churches.
c. Living in the city of Aguascalientes, they are planting an upper middle-class church. Through community engagement and disciple making, they are forming a new church called Iglesia Vida.
d. Video here
e. More information about their ministry can be found here

Southern Asia

Southern Asia (Business as Missions)

a. In a Southern Asia country where proselytizing is illegal, a team of workers run a sports training facility that allows them to connect with locals, build relationships, share the Gospel, and plant the church in a non-traditional way.


Dannok, Thailand (Thailand Field- Assemblies of God)

a. Church plant in Dannok, Thailand, on the border of Malaysia and Thailand.
b. Dannok Romyen Church celebrated its 7th anniversary in 2021 and Pastor Chianarong is looking to take the ministry in Dannok to the next level with both a new church building and a skill center.
c. The property is strategically located on the outskirts of town to be a haven for both Muslims and Buddhists who come to faith in Jesus. The skill center allows the church to teach valuable trade skills in this commercial hub and also allows for outreach to women in prostitution. They have rescued 8 girls so far and the skill center will increase their impact dramatically.
d. Video and more information about this church plant here

Durban, South Africa

Durban, South Africa (Joel & Amy Slater)

Joel & Amy Slater

a. Joel and Amy serve in Durban, South Africa and are currently assigned with Urban Tribes, establishing transformational churches in gateway cities of Africa.
b. Planting Northplace Church Durban, currently averaging between 160-205 people each Sunday (adults and children)
c. AGWM owns the building where the church meets. The team is establishing a Business as Missions (BAM) strategy by opening the church building as a Business Center and café available for rental through the week. This will allow the church to make connections in the community. The funds generated will go towards planting other churches in Africa through the Urban Tribes Initiative.
d. The first floor of the building has been renovated. Funding needed to complete the full renovation and equipping of the Business Center.
e. Video and more information about the Slaters’ ministry can be found here


Nicaragua (Nathan & Christine Alfaro)

Nathan & Christine Alfaro

a. Nathan and Christine pastor a mother church in Managua that has directly planted 10 daughter churches.
b. One of the church plants is 4-years old and is currently meeting under a tent on rented property. They have grown to the point of needing a permanent facility.
c. They have found a corner lot in the city and are working on checking the legal status of the property. Will be ready to purchase property in spring 2022.

For more information contact the Missions Office at (417) 581-8756 or