Fun from Start to Finish!

We tell every kid that camp will be the best week of their summer, and at the end of each camp, countless kids tell us that it was! The fun starts before kids even leave the church and doesn’t stop until their heads hit the pillow back at home. Great food, crazy games, swimming, mud, s’mores, hilarious skits, team activities, and more! Kids’ lives are changed at James River Kids Camp!

Participants will register for the grade completed in Spring 2023.

CAMP 1 [3rd-5th Grade] | May 31-June 3

CAMP 2 [2nd-4th Grade] | June 5-7

CAMP 3 [2nd-4th Grade] | June 8-10

CAMP 4 [3rd-5th Grade] | June 12-15

CAMP 5 [3rd-5th Grade] | June 19-22


Trained and committed team leaders are excited to meet your kids and begin helping them build friendships with their team and grow closer to God.


With crazy skits, super fun characters, engaging games and awesome worship, our daily chapel services are designed to help kids experience God’s love in a way they will never forget.

Team Time

Kids Camp teams give your child the opportunity to build life-long friendships as they play, swim, eat and grow closer to God together! Every day students have planned activities like exciting team competitions, swimming and lake day activities, solving a camp mystery and of course- mud day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices for camp?

2nd-4th Grade Camps
Early Registration: $179 (Available through May 7)
Registration after May 7th through camps: $214
*$5 fee will apply to any on-site registrations made on the day of camps*

3rd-5th Grade Camps
Early Registration: $209 (Available through May 7)
Registration after May 7th through camps: $254
*$5 fee will apply to any on-site registrations made on the day of camps*

How many kids and leaders are on a team?

Kids are placed on teams of approximately 10-12 kids. Each team has 2 trained and caring leaders

How are leaders selected?

Every camp leader is a volunteer who has completed a comprehensive process that includes:

• Completed and approved volunteer application

• Criminal background check

• Mandatory Kids Camp orientation

What’s the food like?

A professional and caring food team prepares three delicious meals and two additional snacks every day. Kids absolutely love this camp food!

Tell me about this MUD.

We love getting muddy and have a whole day devoted to mud games! As much as we love the mud, we want every single child to LOVE camp and will never force a kid to get muddy.

Will there be swimming?

We have a beautiful lake and a pool with tons of fun water activities! Every child takes a swimming test on the first day of camp, and we identify any kids that need to have a life jacket in the pool. All kids wear life jackets in the lake. We have staff and life guards posted at all swimming activities.

When/where do I drop off and pick up my child?

• Check-in will be at 8:00am in the James River Church SOUTH CAMPUS MAIN ATRIUM (Door 1 Entrance) on the first day of each camp.

• Campers will return at approximately 4:00pm to the James River Church SOUTH CAMPUS MAIN BUILDING on the last day of each camp.

How are medications handled?

• All personal medications (prescription and/or over-the-counter), vitamins, herbs, essential oils, and enzymes MUST have a doctor’s order and be brought in the original pharmacy labeled container or the original manufacturer’s container to the first aid station at check-in.

• Prescription medications MUST have the camper’s name on the bottle.

• Please limit the amount of medication to only what is required for the camper’s term.

• Please make note on medical form and alert medical personnel at the first aid station during check-in of all allergies or medical conditions.

• Each camp will have two professional medical personnel to help students with medication or injuries.

Where can I find the Medical Provider Permission form for over-the-counter medications available at the campground first aid station?

You can download the Medical Provider Permission Form: Here

Where can I upload the Medical Provider Permission form?

Once you have downloaded and completed the Medical Provider Permission form, you can upload that document here.

What do I bring to Kids Camp? What do I not bring?

You can download and print a packing list here.

Bring this...
• Pillow
• Sleeping bag or twin bedding
• Swim towel, Shower towel, washcloths
• Shampoo/Conditioner & Soap
• Toothbrush & Toothpaste
• One piece swimsuit or swim trunks
• Pajamas
• 5-6 pairs of underwear
• 5-6 pairs of socks – may get wet or muddy
• 3 old T-shirts for rec – will get muddy
• 3 pairs of shorts for rec – will get muddy
• 4 T-shirts for chapel
• 4 shorts or pants for chapel
• 1 pair of pants & sweatshirt for cool weather
• 1 pair of closed-toed shoes for rec – will get muddy
• 1 pair of shoes for chapel/free time
• 1 pair of flip flops for pool/shower
• Bug Spray and Sunscreen
• Bible (if your child does not have a Bible, we will make one available)

Don't bring this...
• Money (all snacks/meals are provided)
• Electronics (including cell phones, tablets, video game devices, ipods, mp3 players, etc.)
• Crop tops/two piece swim suits/spaghetti strap tanks/articles of clothing displaying questionable content
• Food items (all snacks/meals are provided)
• Weapons (firearms, knives, fireworks, matches)

Packing Tips...
• Place each set of recreation clothes/chapel clothes in gallon Ziploc bags marked Day 1 recreation, Day 1 chapel, etc.
• Write your child’s first and last name on the inside of all clothing (including shoes), towels, and washcloths.
• Pack travel sized shampoo/soap that will be easy for your child to carry to and from the shower.
• Talk to your child about what items could be thrown away at camp (ruined socks, half used soap, etc.)
• You may even want to practice camp at home so your child knows what to take and use in the shower, what to use for brushing their teeth, what to take for swim time, etc.

Where is the campground and what are the facilities like?

• The James River Camp is set on beautiful grounds located an hour and a half east of James River Church South Campus (30 minutes northeast of Mountain Grove, MO).

• The campgrounds include a chapel, cafeteria, leaders’ lodge, swimming pool, lake and separate boys’ and girls’ dorms with indoor showers and toilets.

• Your child will be housed with their teammates and leaders in bunk style dorms.

• Watch a video tour of the campground and what your child can expect at Kids Camp Here.

Tell me about camp mail and phone policy.

When writing to your student AT CAMP, send your letters to:
[Student’s Name]
James River Camp
9500 Hwy AH
Huggins, MO 65484

• To ensure mail arrives on time, please mail your letter 1-2 days before your child leaves for camp. We are not responsible to forward late arriving mail.

• Campers will not be allowed to make or accept phone calls unless it is an emergency.

• Your student will have a great time, and we encourage you to ask them all about it when they get home!

Other Rules and Regulations.

• We reserve the right to inspect contents of all personal belongings if due cause arises.

• Improper contents will be held by camp staff and returned to parent/guardian(s) at the end of camp.

• All campers will be expected to observe habits of personal cleanliness, respect for camp staff and other campers, and refrain from using foul language, including cursing and crude humor.

• Charges for items broken/damaged or stolen during camp will be billed to the parties/individual involved.

• If a child is sent home early due to sickness, behavior, or discipline issues, should camp leadership determine it is necessary, there will not be a refund given.

Are scholarships available?

We are so excited to be able to open up registration for Kids Camps a year in advance. We encourage families to register today and take advantage of the payment plan option.

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Thank you for your interest in serving at James River Kids Camps. Dream Team applications for Kids Camp 2023 will be available soon!