Becky Davis

How to Walk in Wisdom

Make coffee. Check. Feed the dog. Check. Finish the dishes. Check. Although you may not be looking to add another “thing” to your plate, getting wisdom is an essential item for you to put on your to-do list this year. Unfortunately, getting wisdom is not as simple as picking it up at the grocery store on your way home from work. So, how do you “get wisdom”? Here are just a few ways you can make getting wisdom an attainable priority every single day.

DSM – A Home Where You Belong

In this message from Designed Sisterhood Morning, Pastors Becky Davis & Savannah Lindell share an encouraging teaching from chapter 15 of the She Believes book,  “A Home Where You Belong.” Join us as we study Ephesians 2:19-22 and reflect on the beauty of the home that God designed the Church to be. Our prayer is that this message be a reminder that you belong in the Sisterhood and the house that God is building!

DSM – You Are Loved

In this message, Becky Davis shares an encouraging sermon titled, “You Are Loved,” from chapter 4 of the She Believes book. Join us as we dive into this chapter and learn more about God’s incredible love for us. Our prayer is that this message would uplift and encourage you as you discover God’s love for you.

DSM – Your Reflection is Beautiful

In this message, Becky Davis shares a challenging sermon titled, “Your Reflection is Beautiful,” from chapter 2 of the She Believes book sermon series. Join us as we dive into this chapter and learn how to embrace all that God has created us to be. Our prayer is that this message would challenge you to walk in confidence, knowing that you were created on purpose; for a purpose.

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