Don Keene

Don Keene serves as the Director of Counseling Ministries at James River Church. Don is devoted to serving the Lord and is committed to empowering people of all ages to walk with God and live in alignment with His Word.

4 Reasons to Date Your Kids

Busy lives and full calendars often leave little room for quality time with our kids. Left to chance, we can end up going too long without intentionally connecting with them. Here are four reasons why you should date your kids.

7 Keys to Fighting FOR Your Marriage

The knowledge and attitude that we bring to marriage affect our conduct when conflict surfaces. Some spouses choose not to engage at all or fight thoughtlessly. Others fight only for their own rights. This can be due to fear, battle fatigue, ignorance or selfishness. The Bible’s teaching helps us engage in the fight without making our spouse or marriage itself the enemy. It also offers significant insight and guidance to improving our motivations and responses when we need it most. The result is that we serve our spouse and reach the goal of a deeper union in our marriage.

How Forgiveness Will Change Your Life

Most people want to be healthy, and there is no lack of guidance to eat right, exercise, take supplements, etc. It’s less common to hear the benefits of addressing unforgiveness in our relationships as part of improving our health. Where unforgiveness can lead to things like a compromised immune system, heightened stress and nervousness, forgiving others as a regular practice is linked to a greater sense of well-being, happiness, and even longer life.

Why You Should Keep Dating After You’re Married

When was the last time you had a date? Not just sitting on the couch watching Netflix, but a real date? One where you weren’t distracted, you made each other feel important, and your excitement was noticeable? Dating after marriage can play a vital role in having a deeper connection in your relationship. Here are 5 ways to have a successful date with your spouse that will help strengthen your marriage.

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