Mark your calendars now and plan for an awesome week of hanging out with friends, battle in insane team competitions, experience energetic worship and participate in powerful evening services!

Camps are a life-changing experience for many students and often play a pivotal role in the journey of discovering who God is and what He has called or purposed you to be.

Participants will register for the grade completed in Spring 2019.

6th-7th Grade Camps

  • July 3 – July 7
  • July 17 – July 21*
    • *Joplin transportation will be provided for this camp to Ozark.

8th-12th Grade Camps

  • June 26 – June 30
  • July 10 – July 14*
    • *Joplin transportation will be provided for this camp to Ozark.

7th-10th Grade Camps

  • July 24 – July 28

Camp Devotionals

Join us for a 21-Day Camp Devotional throughout our camp season! This devotional is a study through the gospel of John focusing on the character of Jesus! Our prayer is that through this study-devotional you would draw closer to God then ever before.

Team Leaders

Trained and approved leaders are committed to encouraging and serving the students. Our leaders will help make this experience the best week of the students' summer!

Youth students have competitions at summer camp


Our evening services are designed to lead students into the presence of God through energetic worship, powerful messages and a focused time of prayer.

Youth worship Jesus as summer camp by James River Church

Team Competitions

Every student is placed on a team that will battle in various team competitions throughout the week, such as water dodgeball, muddy hex and mud mountain!

Girls celebrate their victory in the team competitions at summer camp

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices for camp?

Early Bird Registration: $175 (Available through June 16)

Regular Registration: $205 (After June 16)

Are there payment plan options?

Yes! There are payment plan options available. Click here to see pricing options. Initial deposit of $50 is required to submit the registration ($25 of which is non-refundable). Final payment is due June 26th (one week before the date of camp check-in). Failure to pay by the due date will result in the cancellation of the registration.

How many students and leaders are on a team?

Students are placed on a team of approximately 20-25 students. Each team will have 2-4 trained and approved volunteer leaders.

How are leaders selected?

Every camp leader and volunteer has completed a comprehensive process that includes:
- Completed and approved volunteer application
- Criminal background check
- Mandatory Youth Camp orientation

What is the food like?

A professional and caring food team prepares three delicious, healthy size meals every day. We also feature a “Snack Shack” where students are able to purchase items such as candy, chips, sno-cones, soft drinks, etc.

What is there to do at summer camp?

In addition to the team competitions and the evening services, James River Youth summer camp gives students an opportunity to hangout with friends in a safe environment. The camp ground features:
- Outdoor pavilion that includes multiple basketball courts
- Full size lake: Equipped with canoes, paddle boards, life vests and fishing areas
- Swimming Pool
- Wide open fields for soccer
- Mud Mountain! *During team competitions, students will experience running through our mud mountain obstacle as they race to bring their team to victory!

Will there be swimming?

We have a beautiful lake and a pool with plenty of water activities throughout the week. Before students are allowed to swim, they must pass a swimming test and will receive a wristband to identify their completion of the test. There is a trained life-guard posted at each station during all swimming activities. *All swimmers at the lake are required to wear a life jacket.

What do I need to pack?

Things to Bring
-Sleeping bag or bedding for a twin size bed
-Personal hygiene items
-Clothing for day activities, mud/water games, evening services
-Camera (optional)
-Spending money for Snack Shack/Resources (optional)

Things to Leave
-Cell phone or other personal electronics
(i.e. MP3 players, iPods, tablets, hand-held video games, etc.)
-Inappropriate clothing (see Camp Dress Code below)
-Firearms, knives, fireworks or explosives
Water guns or water balloons

Camp Dress Code: “Modesty”
-All dress will be modest and appropriate during camp
-Shirts: No spaghetti straps or shirts that show the stomach
-Shorts/Pants: at least mid-thigh length, no sophies; no yoga or stretch pants/leggings without proper cover-up
-Clothing for services (shorts are allowed)
-Swimwear: Modest swimwear w/ appropriate covering to & from swim areas (one piece/tankini for girls, trunk/board shorts for boys)
-Shoes: shoes must be worn at all times; it is suggested to bring a couple of pairs of shoes - old tennis shoes that can get muddy and ruined, plus an additional pair of shoes for normal activities. Sandals and/or flip flops are acceptable for non-activity times
-No clothing with questionable content
-Camp Director and leadership team will be the final authority on the dress code

When/Where will I drop off and pick up my child?

Check-In will be at 5:30pm in the James River Youth Building at the SOUTH CAMPUS ONLY on the first day of each camp.

Campers will return at approximately 4:00pm at the SOUTH CAMPUS ONLY on Sunday, outside of the James River Youth Building.

Where can I find the Medical Provider Permission form?

You can download the Medical Provider Authorization form here. A physician’s signature is required for authorization for over-the-counter medications to be administered from camp supply.

How can I turn in the Medical Provider Permission form?

Once you have downloaded and completed the Medical Provider Permission form, you can upload that document here.

Are scholarships available?

Our desire is to see every student experience Youth Camp this summer! In light of that, we are offering scholarship applications to students who need financial assistance. You can apply for a Youth Camp scholarship by clicking here.

Register Today!

2019 camps are going to be amazing! Register today to be a part in all God is doing this year at Youth Camps!